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 Judge Reviews / File Status

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PostSubject: Judge Reviews / File Status   Judge Reviews / File Status Icon_minitimeDecember 3rd 2011, 11:41 am

DF has had a lack of activity. I'm still reviewing files, and Kayla is too. There are no other judges at the moment - however, that is subject to change.

December 2nd/3rd:

December 12th / 2011
Future Destination (Reshiram): that ending is a pretty decent difficulty spike in comparison to the rest of the song. In any case, it's tolerable. Perhaps you could boost the difficulty of some of the unlayered areas with percussion. This is passable, though. Accepted.

Steel Monster Above the City (Reshiram): In my opinion, this is your BEST file sent to DF so far. Great work. Strong accept.

Anisakis (00Razor00): turning into a collaboration as requested. No judgment.

The Four Heroes of Light (Zekramcross): Pitch relevancy is considerably better, and so is the layering. Considerably better job than before. I would tell you to add the grace notes of the flute, but it seems like you're using 3.9 as your SM and adding the notes at this BPM would be really tricky to do that way, so I'll let you off of the hook. This song seems to cut off at 37 seconds or so, is this normal? Light accept.

My Fuckin' Desire For You (Xx{Midnight}xX): fuck. Light accept.

Pokemon BW Elite Four Battle (Zekramcross): from the beginning of the song up until 5.3ish seconds, you should avoid using jumps. That way, you'll have something clear to accent with the jumps in comparison to the more empty introduction.
14.900: 16th note goes to nothing here (it does however go to 14.979). Check your rhythms. Also make sure you catch the note at 15.295 that continues what you are following. Check these sections repeatedly for mis-rhythms, like 19.953 (no note needed, move to 20.032) and continue the pattern (20.347); there's a few more of these later.
36.295: mini-jack usage here is a bit sudden and arbitrary; I'd advise against it personally.
38.190 to 40.400: not sure what's going on here.
40.795: shift these two jumps up 1/16th of a note.
45.769 to end: this part is considerably easier than the rest of the file - try to find some sort instrument to boost up the difficulty a little bit. Also, this song cuts off at 53 seconds for me, is this normal? Fixes needed.

The Sampling Paradise (00Razor00): I don't even know what to say. Best file of yours by a MILE. Strong accept.

The Worm Song (supermoe1985): An improvement to say the least. You now have a stronger foundation for your file. Consider a few things now:

15.032: You've established a layering scheme here - for the most part, it seems like you're following the hi-hat sounds (straight 8th notes), and the piano (occasional 16ths and whatnot). Try actually mixing them together at the same time. You have it happening from 15.032 to 15.969, but you stop it from happening a little later. It seems like you're going back and forth. Keep it consistent. Smile
30.032: straight 8th notes with the piano is good, but remember, keep following this scheme. It's alright to change how you're going to accent a particular section, but make sure that you keep it the same for the section (unless the song merits a change).

Repeat this process for the second half. Fixes needed.

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Judge Reviews / File Status Simba2
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Judge Reviews / File Status
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