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PostSubject: Judges Reviews   Judges Reviews Icon_minitimeDecember 31st 2010, 3:48 am

This is going to be the new spot for the judges notes since we have a new judge on board ^_^

So this is where you'll be looking from now on for the notes on your files.

Rating System (minimum acceptance: 11 points between three judges)
(0) F: Horribly stepped with a total disregard of sync; steps either do not represent the chart at all or cannot be comprehended within the song.
(1) E: Poorly stepped file with lack of care toward sync; many misrhythms and very small/non-existent chart representation.
(2) D: Some care of sync, but presents constant difficulty imbalances, constant layering issues, and/or mis-rhythms.
(3) C: Some care of sync; but has minor issues that must be attended to such as inconsistencies in layering, rhythms, and or difficulty.
(4) B: Good file with care of sync and presents specific patterns; contains minor errors that are bearable and not major. Minimum rating for acceptance.
(5) A: Great file, well-synced, good musical representation.
(6) S: You get one of these, give yourself a pat on the back.
[/]: Judge file. Equal to B or better for judge that sent it.

Files awaiting review

Coloris (bob bob)
Counting Snow (alt)
Chik Habit (AlexDest)
Colibri (Niala)
Animus Intorqueo No.1 (MarioNintendo)
In Flux (MarioNintendo)
Nocturn Ab Min No 2 (MarioNintendo)
SpaceFarer (MarioNintendo)
Animus Intorqueo No 2 (MarioNintendo)
My Heart Up Your Ass (DarkChrysalis)
Animus Intorqueo No 3 (MarioNintendo)
What Scares You Most (Scintill)
Bells (Middie)
Purple Clouds (Middie)
The Mighty Destroyer of Earth (Middie)
Amen Iraq (bob bob)
You Goddamn Fish fix (bob bob)
Comfortably Lost (MarioNintendo)
Xkure Top Secrut Preview (MarioNintendo)
Beautiful Arrhythmia (iironiic)
Piano Concerto No 1 Scorpion Fire (iironiic)
I Love (Orange Things) (WC)
The Kaleidoscope Theory (iironiic)
Twister (Scintill)
Carol Of The Bells (WC)
Dream to Nightmare (~Zero~)
Rap de Chocobo (~Zero~)
Battle Without Honor or Humanity (~Zero~)
V (rasen style) (ichliebekase)
Rainy Beauty (kjwkjw)
Hatsune Miku's Head Exercise (kjwkjw)


Judges Reviews MlquQ

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PostSubject: Re: Judges Reviews   Judges Reviews Icon_minitimeDecember 31st 2010, 3:48 am

update as of 01/15/11

THM = take-home message

Amen Iraq (bob bob)

> When making difficult drum'n bass/breakcore songs, it is very tempting to step to every buzz noise. Brrp! Vrrp! Zap! However, this often does not translate into a fun file, especially if they're frequently 48th notes that are difficult to combo. Refrain from using those - they're often better represented with a single arrow or ignored altogether.
> Consider the tempo of the song. At 203 bpm, fast rolls and buzzes are quite hard to pull off.
> Also consider the patterns of these 48ths. At m5 for instance, the 48th pattern is far more complex than simple rolls, and this pattern also has a jump on top of that. This may be accurate, but not fun to play at all. Another example is m24, where a 32nd jack is technically present.
> Many sounds that are reasonable to step are missing and resulting patterns feel incomplete. Some examples include beat 7, 26.50, 66.25, 67.50, and so on.
> At m100-108, there are several arrows that do not go to any sound - this is not one long 16th stream.
> Minor things: Even sounds without a melodic component, such as percussion sounds, can have pitch relevancy. For instance, beat 50.50 is better off as a down arrow. An example is m82, where we hear percussive sounds lowering in pitch - the jumps can reflect that.

THM: Refrain from stepping 48ths altogether, and focus on the missing sounds that create incomplete patterns. Some other tough spots that do not involve 48ths can be stepped to more comfortable patterns as well. 48ths + awkward patterns are unfun and increases difficulty inconsistencies.

verdict: D

Animus Intorqueo No.1 (MarioNintendo)

> Impressive sync! Nice pitch-relevancy as well.
> A few areas have arrows that do not go to any sound, such as beat 24.50 and beat 48 (single arrow only).
> at m19-21, the main melody can be included along with the continuous 16th melody (i.e. "running bass"), because it's a relatively simple melody.
> Pitch relevancy at m23-24 will eliminate the left-hand trill and will partially eliminate the right-hand trill.

THM: The only thing I noted were a few "ghost" arrows, an area that can be layered more, and an area that can change its patterns a bit. Other than that, it's an enjoyable piano file. Smile

verdict: A

Animus Intorqueo No.2 (MarioNintendo)

> Another excellent piano file with decent sync and pitch-relevancy.
> Jump at beat 68.50.
> Like Intorqueo No.1, there are areas you can easily layer with the treble melody when the melody is simple - it would stand out from a long and continuous 16th stream. Examples include m22,23,34,35,41,42.
> Optional as you're probably aware, but the 12th note section at m25-29 can be slightly more varied if you step both the treble and bass melodies. It seems like you've opted in for this partially at m28-29. Preferably, you should choose one or the other path.
> Very minor pitch relevancy issue in the slowdown section at m50.

THM: Very minor and optional suggestions, with the biggest one being increased layering of the treble melody at a few places. Nicely done.

verdict: A

Animus Intorqueo No.3 (MarioNintendo)

> m1-2 may be better if there were some more jumps to reflect the chords.
> Should be same jumps at m4.
> The treble melody often plays 16th notes in groups of three, which would feel great if you stepped these places as such. For instance, a jump at beat 26,50, 38.50, 231,50, 234.50, etc.
> Optionally, a few areas can be layered with jumps such as at m15-19.
> A few arrows should complete a continuous melody at beat 27.50, 39.50, etc.
> The piano plays a chromatic scale at m30-31, which is best represented with roll patterns.
> The trill in m31-32 is one-handed and fairly fast. I recommended changing this to a two-handed pattern (e.g. down+up/left+up/etc.). The trill can also be layered here reasonably when it's two-handed.
> A few areas have questionable jumps according to your current layering scheme, such as at m42,43,etc.
> The 8th jumps at m49-51 are probably placed for emphasis, yet the piano is still playing only one note, while playing chords in other areas. It's better to be consistent with the chords here.
> Ghost arrow at beat 267.25.

THM: The file would probably feel a lot better if you layer a bit more, especially when the treble plays 16th melodies in groups of three. The trill may need to be changed. Still a fun file with good sync. I'll admit I'm on the pickier side this time, so consider this a B+ if you will.

verdict: B

Battle Without Honor or Humanity (~Zero~)

> Intro and ending melodies could be more varied as opposed to just groups of five 16ths plus jump and possibly jacks. Seeing how the drums layer in a more complex manner than you're stepping it, you can use some climax theory, particularly when this melody repeats at the end of the song (m34-37). Actually, this pattern is pretty much the basis for the whole song, so do try to vary it (e.g. drums in m21 before 32nds).
> a few ghost notes/notes you shouldn't bother stepping (beat 18.00,50.75,146.25 to name a few)
> for the sound provided, I don't think 32nds are warranted in m21
> PR for some jump (should in part be jacks) at m23
> check your 32nd trill in m25; there are some unnecessary 32nds right at the beginning and the end of your trill; also check sync to guitar
> m38 has some drums you could've stepped

THM: The five 16ths basis for the song is constant throughout the whole file, and I believe you can do more in regards to layering and patterns to make the file more interesting. Don't forget to check that 32nd trill.

verdict: B

Beautiful Arrhythmia (iironiic)

> Not going to go over the whole file, because I only have one comment here that applies throughout the song: what's your methodology to determine which buzz noises to step, and how to step them? It's often a subjective thing to determine which buzz noises are warranted for stepping, but since this happens all the time in this song, your inconsistency greatly increases. I suggest being more discriminate in which sounds you step.

THM: Tone down on the buzzes. Most short two-arrow bursts should be removed altogether and replaced as a single arrow for instance. Be more consistent in what sounds you choose to step.

verdict: C

Bells (Xx{Midnight}xX)

> I know you're stepping jumps in the beginning from m2-12 to emphasize the piano notes and to make the pattern look more than a simple 4th stream, but it's just "one" piano note each. Plus that, you'll be stepping this same sort of 4th note + jumps later on, so you might as well leave single piano notes as single arrows.
> missed jump at beat 50.00
> some bad PR, such as around m22 and 24
> also at around m24, it's not simply 8ths anymore
> what's with those 43 23 and 12 jumps at m31-32? There also should be some 8ths here.
> m36-43: don't be lazy with the PR

THM: PR is more apparent in songs with less instruments and more of a focus on the melody, such as this song. Use better PR. Also minor layering issues, but not so much of a deal for an easy song.

verdict: C

Carol Of The Bells (wc)

> Pretty freestyle chart might I say, pattern-wise. Not a fan of the randomness of several 16th/8th patterns, but they're mostly drums that can be stepped with various interpretations I suppose.
> Several misplaced jumps (should be 4ths not 8ths) at around 33, 35 sec for instance (check this general area).
> Obvious jumps during 16th streams missing at 56.50 sec, 58.50 sec, etc.
> The section starting at around 87 sec isn't necessarily all one big 16th stream. The guitar strums to some quieter 16ths, but I don't think it's entirely that. Also, you've got drums and other things going to 16ths as well...see if you can mix things up a bit.
> Jump at around 100 sec., 119 sec.; ghost 16th at 118.80 sec.; ghost jump at around 22.20 sec.

THM: Decent. Personally not into the sort of random patterns you utilized but that's not a biggie. A bunch of misplaced jumps and such.

verdict: B

Chik Habit (AlexDest)

> Doable file - good that you didn't go nuts over every buzz noise.
> The beginning section from around m7-10 with the synthesized vocals is offsync, due to your assumption that they can just be stepped as simple 16ths.
> Some bursts are probably questionable, but I'm not going to worry over that. You didn't go overboard at least.

THM: Minor stuff? Probably not much more than syncing the vocals in the beginning a bit better. Plays well.

verdict: A

Colibri (Niala)

> Your gap is offsync by a fair amount. Try something like -0.118 secs.
> check the end of m34 for syncing of 8bit synth
> some areas you add more jacks than necessary (e.g. entering m39, end of m46, etc.), a few areas missing jacks (e.g. end of m45)
> As you enter the jumpstream in m35, you instantly begin to step jumps to some weird sounds that are more or less syncopated. Why not start with jumps on 4th beat drums, then utilize your more syncopated jump rhythms, for sake of a better climax?
> second half of m58: NO
> second half of m90: NO
> m92 slightly off-sync

THM: Some jack issues; try some different layering schemes, because this song is basically a simple loop that increases tempo...gets repetitive after a while. And you better fix those nutty measures with jump jacks. I'd really love to see people playing this file, but please try to fix up these things first. I know this will be a super fun file soon enough.

verdict: C

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PostSubject: Re: Judges Reviews   Judges Reviews Icon_minitimeJanuary 6th 2011, 4:10 pm

I think I was supposed to reserve a post.

wc was here lololololololol

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Judges Reviews Simba2
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PostSubject: Re: Judges Reviews   Judges Reviews Icon_minitimeJanuary 6th 2011, 5:42 pm

Updated as of Jan 14th, 2011
~S~=Fantastic file.
~B~=Light accept.
~C~=Light reject.
~E~=Terrible file.


I'm gonna work from the bottom up, so you kids at the bottom get your files at a reasonable time, too. Smile

JAN 31ST, 2011 from PIANO CONCERTO NO. 1 (SCORPION FIRE) to -----






hi niala - wc

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PostSubject: Re: Judges Reviews   Judges Reviews Icon_minitimeJanuary 9th 2011, 1:08 pm

the x/10 is what you would get from me if this was ffr. just a little something extra i thought id do to push you to step better :'>

Algamest[iironiic] - 74.729 to 77.089 is really gay to hit. you have some left hand bias sections and right hand bias sections. this is pretty much a harder
version of EHHS [C 6/10]

Amen Iraq[bob bob] - at 18.120 change that please. 203bpm 64th burst on ffr is never good.at 22.849 make that a roll. at 40.583 shift the 16th from 2 to 1
and get rid of the jump at the end of the 64th bullshit. for fairness' sake move the jump at 50.927 from a 23 jump to a 12 jump. at 56.543 instead of what
you have try [34]213421[34]. 65.410 this is gay. 92.011 this is also gay. what is this gay at 112.720. and more gay at 120.357. realize that this isnt just
for sm its for ffr and a lot of those patterns are retarded as fuck especially the 64th spasm that are led into by gay patterns and lead to gay patterns
[C 6/10]

battle without honor or humanity[~zero~] - your file wont open in ddream [n/a]

beautiful arrhythmia[iironiic] - File felt really sloppy. id say get rid of the beginning 32nds leading into jumps in the beginning. go for climax instead of
just stepping every little blip bzzt and brrt. missing jumps everywhere and just awkward burst patterns. this file could definitely be more refined than what
it is now [C 5/10]

bells[Xx{Midnight}xX] - climax theory, use it. [B 7/10]

Chik Habit[AlexDest] - notes were early by an entire 4th. not sure if thats just ddream or if it was an accident on your part. easy enough fix though. haha
that was fun even though its a bit more than i can handle in terms of difficulty right now. at 45.633 those should be 12ths not 24ths. should be a jump at
57.824. extra 16th at 67.467. 123.014 should be 12ths not 24ths. also add an extra note at the end of the song plz. overall just some minor fixes here and
there. liked the fact that you didnt just use 32nds for all of your buzzes made the file play a lot better [B 8/10]

Coloris[bob bob] - silence at the intro. file is over stepped imo. also the cut is horrible as shit please make a better cut [B 7/10]

counting snow[LABEL YOUR SHIT YOU DHSFDQEWJNGFJ] - would be cooler if you made every note a white note [B 7/10]

Dream to Nightmare[~zero~] - your file didnt load again [n/a]

Animus Intorqueo No. 1[MarioNintendo] - PR issues thats it [B 7/10]

Animus Intorqueo No. 2[MarioNintendo] - climax theory at the end wouldve been cool [B 7/10]

Animus Intorqueo No. 3[MarioNintendo] again climax theory at the end and PR issues[B 7/10]

Comfortably Lost[MarioNintendo] - extra 32nd at 57.510 this section could also be stepped better than just a simple pattern like that. overall this song is
not stepped to its complete potential. some more direct layering isntead of emphasis layering might be better [B 7/10]

Classical Insanity.sm[MarioNintendo] - major sync issues on this one. fix that before i can give you any other type of comments[n/a 0/10]

Nocturne Ab Min 2[MarioNintendo] - lol one handed trills. trill at 61.684 needs sync work. very copy paste file which ruins the fun for me(i realize its a
pianer file but still)[D 6/10]

Space Farer[MarioNintendo] - notes are early by a 48th. one giant copy paste session with steps only going to the two melodies with no attention to
percussion. id like to see more percussion and less copy paste [D 5/10]

Xkur Top Secrut Preview!!!!![MarioNintendo] - im sure this song has an actual song title rofl try getting it. file was fun and those speedups were a nice
touch [A+ 9/10]

Passage D[iironiic] jesus christ its about time you make a good file [A 8/10]

Piano Concerto no1 Scorpion Fire[iironiic] - some parts lack the intensity going in the song and some of your patterns are oversimplified [B 7/10]

purple clouds[{XxMidnightxX}] - missing note alot especially towards the end. work on your jump usage because im not hearing what some of them go to and you miss jumps when there should be some [D 6/10]

Rap De Chocobo[~Zero~] - again file wont load[n/a]

Stress[MarioNintendo] - trill at the end should be a roll for fairness' sake. love the trick you pulled here and the stress feeling is given by the flashing
receptors was great though i think the feeling will be kinda lost since the ffr noteskin is static. [A 9/10]

The Kaleidoscope Theory [iironiic] - for the love of god cut the intro bullshit. im not going to be waiting 20 god damn seconds to play a file. i dont get
why you have 16th jumps in the gay jump section at 66.534. the 16th at 69.154 is extra plz dispose of it. same question as before with the gay jump section
at 112.799. the section at 115.691 is understepped as fuc please fill it in with the other sounds going on(not the synth triplets in the background the -
other- sounds). 24th crap=nope. super repetitive and long as hell [D 3/10] i dont know what compelled you to step that. i think you might be possesed by an evil
stepping demon(maybe nvml)

The Mighty Destroyer Of Earth[{XxMidnightxX}] - nope [D 3/10]

Twister[Scintill] - sync on the entire song blows rofl but its for the ffr engine so who cares it wont even be noticable. a lot of your patterns are balls to
hit tho so might want to do some tweaking. id prefer seeing jumps go to the snare instead of the guitar which kinda makes no sense. [B 7/10]

unf[MarioNintendo] - these chains are going to what 93.641. overall this file could use some hand usage[C 7/10]

Who Scares You The Most[Scintill] - super long song HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO[A 8/10]

You Goddamn Fish[bob bob] - layering, work on it especially when you could add jumps where it feels empty to balance out the difficulty. also i dont know
what youre layering scheme is plz explain [C 6/10]

sup wc - niala

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PostSubject: Re: Judges Reviews   Judges Reviews Icon_minitime

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Judges Reviews
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