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 FFR Community Pack Winter 2011 Released

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FFR Community Pack Winter 2011 Released Empty
PostSubject: FFR Community Pack Winter 2011 Released   FFR Community Pack Winter 2011 Released Icon_minitimeJanuary 3rd 2012, 10:32 pm

FFR Community Pack Winter 2011 Released Ffrcpwinter
Click the banner for download link.

Please download this very minor file patch

Introducing another addition to the seasonal FFR Community Pack series. If there's enough hype, I'll continue the pack series for 2012. Until then, this will be the last one I'll do for the time being.

Difficulty scale used to rate the files is Notes-Per-Second (NPS). Exactly the same scale used to rate Light Chancellors Pack 3 and FFRCP Summer & Autumn 2011.

Thank you to everyone that helped assemble this pack, whether through submitting files, providing graphics, and simple suggestions/comments.

Mirrors are highly appreciated.

FFR Community Pack Winter 2011 Released Cleb
File Queue: 43

A Far East Fantasy Flowering Game Night (Condoct) [2 charts]
Accept Bloody Fate (Kaneh) [2 charts]
After Laughter (Niko) [3 charts]
Armament Armed Arm (Scylaax) [2 charts]
BabeL ~Next Story~ (leonid) [2 charts]
Blackened (Baq12) [2 charts]
Byakuya Gentou (leonid) [2 charts]
Captain Murasa (Niko) [3 charts]
Circus Speedy Mix (Kommisar) [2 charts]
concon (Gundam-Dude) [3 charts]
COOLISH WALK (Kommisar) [2 charts]
Dark Prism (Gundam-Dude) [3 charts]
Ecclesia (Reshiram) [5 charts]
ecoFEAR (Scylaax) [2 charts]
Flames Within These Black Feathers (Szalu) [2 charts]
Heaven's Race Guitar Style (Sargon) [4 charts]
Hysteric Soda (Gundam-Dude) [1 chart]
INITIATIVE (Yume) [3 charts]
Innovation (Detrimentalist) [2 charts]
KOMMICORE (0 & Torrent) [1 chart]
Negus Nagast (Wineandbread) [2 charts]
Now A NEW Day (ca25nada & Gundam-Dude) [3 charts] + [4 solo charts]
Overture 1928 (Baq12) [2 charts]
Pair of Aces (Midigami) [4 charts]
Phalanx (Keywii) [2 charts]
Pop (Kommisar vs Rogdor) [1 chart]
Rave7 (hi19hi19) [3 charts]
Reasiness (Niko) [2 charts] + [1 solo chart]
Result (S Rank) (Midigami) [2 charts]
RPG (Yume) [3 charts]
SAMBA de ASPEL (bmah) [2 charts]
Session 9 - Chronicles - (Scylaax) [3 charts]
SIN (Nohara&Yume) [1 chart]
Star Trail (Gundam-Dude & LongGone) [3 charts] + [3 solo charts]
Super Bass (WTFBrandon) [1 chart]
Super Soaker (gnr61) [1 chart]
The Sky of Sadness (leonid) [2 charts]
Turning Japanese (Kommisar) [2 charts]
Ulterior Boss Battle (hi19hi19) [2 charts]
Ultrasounds! (Rin-Dude) [2 charts]
Vertex (Scylaax) [2 charts]
worldenddominator (Profraine) [3 charts]
Yellow Head Joe (Lynn) [2 charts]

(Thanks Staiain) http://www.staiain.net/StepMania/Songpacks/FFR%20Community%20Pack%20Winter%202011%20(Patched).rar
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FFR Community Pack Winter 2011 Released
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