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 When the NHL meets Pokémon...

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When the NHL meets Pokémon... Empty
PostSubject: When the NHL meets Pokémon...   When the NHL meets Pokémon... Icon_minitimeSeptember 16th 2010, 6:55 am

My friend found this from somewhere and posted it to me. Now me being a big fan of hockey and Pokémon, I figured I'd create jerseys for each team.
Don't hate though. They kind of suck, and I'm not the best Shopper ever.
Also, I'm lazy so I'll update whenever I finish new ones.

The List: City Pokémon [Original name]
[Jersey] + (<- shows I changed a color or two for it)

Anaheim Psyducks [Ducks]: +
When the NHL meets Pokémon... Anaheim
Atlanta Farfetch'd [Thrashers]:
When the NHL meets Pokémon... Atlanta
Boston Ursarings [Bruins]:
When the NHL meets Pokémon... Boston
Buffalo Piloswine [Sabres]: +
When the NHL meets Pokémon... Buffalo
Calgary Rapidashes [Flames]:
When the NHL meets Pokémon... Calgary
Carolina Kyogres [Hurricanes]: +
When the NHL meets Pokémon... Carolina
Chicago Staraptors [Blackhawks]:
Colorado Abomasnows [Avalanche]:
Columbus Yanmegas [Blue Jackets]:
Dallas Staryus [Stars]:
Detroit Octillerys [Red Wings]:
Edmonton Muks [Oilers]:
Florida Persians [Panthers]:
Los Angeles Nidokings [Kings]:
Minnesota Primeapes [Wild]:
Montreal Electrodes [Canadiens]:
Nashville Raikous [Predators]:
New Jersey Houndooms [Devils]:
New York Laprases [Islanders]:
New York Marills [Rengers]:
Ottawa Unown* [Senators]:
Philadelphia Pidgeots [Flyers]:
Phoenix Mightyenas [Coyotes]:
Pittsburgh Piplups [Penguins]:
San Jose Sharpedoes [Sharks]:
St. Louis Blastoises [Blues]:
Tampa Bay Rotoms [Lightning]:
Toronto Chikoritas [Maple Leafs]:
Vancouver Wailords [Canucks]:
Washington Slowkings [Capitals]:

PS. Any questions such as "why the f*** is xxxxxx team, yyyyyy Pokémon?" post and I'll answer.

* Seriously... how do you get a Senator in Pokémon form?
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When the NHL meets Pokémon...
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