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 Life.... is crap

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PostSubject: Life.... is crap   Life.... is crap Icon_minitimeSeptember 3rd 2010, 12:12 am

reborndossar 10:55 pm
(10:55:07 PM): You know that guy who owns the life is good t-shirt company?
(10:55:12 PM): The shirts that have stick figures that are smiling with the phrase "life is good"
lucia2sexy LUIS 10:55 pm
(10:55:20 PM): yeah
reborndossar 10:55 pm
(10:55:53 PM): He made a speech at my brother's graduation day at UNH
(10:25:52 PM): (My oldest brother graduated this year)
(10:26:28 PM): And the guy said how it was kind of unfair how the two most successful students were an astronaut and then him, a guy who makes t-shirts with a stick figure on them
(10:26:29 PM): THEN
(10:26:32 PM): He made this speech
(10:26:42 PM): Life is good, you're all lucky
(10:26:59 PM): Don't underestimate the power of optimism, always be happy and confident, always expect the best
(10:27:05 PM): Fuckin' liar
reborndossar 10:27 pm
(10:27:09 PM): Douchebag.....
(10:27:21 PM): "Always be confident and expect the best"
(10:27:25 PM): Let me rephrase that for you
(10:27:42 PM): "Try your best and have confidence, but don't be oblivious and stupid"
(10:27:48 PM): Let me rephrase that AGAIN:
(10:27:56 PM): ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a Plan B
(10:28:06 PM): But that's not what he said!
(10:28:20 PM): He just went on yakkity fuckin' yak like "optimism is powerful" blah blah blah
(10:28:28 PM): Now the reason why I'm mentioning this is
(10:28:33 PM): I have a fuckin' plan B, bitch!
(10:28:41 PM): You try to say shit about my summer work, I'm ready for it! I'm not just gonna go "hey, I'm done with this finally, let's just hope they say nothing about it!"
reborndossar 10:40 pm
(10:40:41 PM): I always expect the worst when it comes to school
(10:40:49 PM): And I can tell that they're going to say something about my work
(10:40:58 PM): Especially for the "mixed reviews"
reborndossar 10:57 pm
(10:57:09 PM): August was not a "summer vacation" for me.
lucia2sexy LUIS 10:58 pm
(10:58:43 PM): mhmm, good to have a plan b 8-)
reborndossar 10:58 pm
(10:58:58 PM): He was all like
reborndossar 10:59 pm
(10:59:22 PM): "I had the idea of making a company that sold shirts saying life is good, it became successful, I was confident that it would work"
(10:59:25 PM): But did he have a plan B?
(10:59:28 PM): What if it failed?
(10:59:31 PM): That's something to think about
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PostSubject: Re: Life.... is crap   Life.... is crap Icon_minitimeSeptember 3rd 2010, 12:37 am

You sir, may I worship you? You are a GOD of win.
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PostSubject: Re: Life.... is crap   Life.... is crap Icon_minitimeSeptember 4th 2010, 8:36 pm

If he had failed, he would have looked at the bright side, invented a new plan, and ran with it. You can plan ahead, you can have backups, but sometimes you can't look that far ahead--the best course of action is decided with the information you have at the moment, not what you decided a year ago. It's good to be adaptable.

Still, I wonder if he's confused. He says, "When you're confident, it's going to work, so believe it will." I think it's the other way around--if you know it's going to work, that makes you confident, and then it works (because it was a good plan, not because you were confident).
Enterprising involves a great deal of risk. Without taking risks, all businesses will fail. The founding of a business is a risk by itself, considering initial investment and time spent organizing and marketing.
If you hesitate too long to implement a good plan (i.e. you are not confident), you will fail. If you believe strongly in a bad plan, you might fail. Very strange things have become very popular (pet rocks come to mind), and unlikely businessmen have managed to succeed (Subway comes to mind).

"Confidence" may be a synonym for "calculated recklessness" here. Although this action may fail, its benefit outweighs that risk.
Every plan requires energy, and sometimes it's more effective to perfect "Plan A" than to strengthen Plan B. When Plan A succeeds, the work on Plan B won't matter.
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PostSubject: Re: Life.... is crap   Life.... is crap Icon_minitimeSeptember 4th 2010, 8:49 pm

my fuckin scale.
it's obv brokn.

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PostSubject: Re: Life.... is crap   Life.... is crap Icon_minitime

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Life.... is crap
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