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PostSubject: Alexdestructions' Fielz   Alexdestructions' Fielz Icon_minitimeMay 27th 2010, 9:42 pm

Just posting all of the files I've stepped. Feedback please?


Rebound Vibrajacking I

Joke file, just an original vibrating file lol. (Gfx by ???)
Alexdestructions' Fielz Bn-1

Another joke file, something more modern in today's stepping style lol. (Gfx by ???)
Alexdestructions' Fielz Bn-2

Rebound Vibrajacking Pack III

Generic song choice, yet I still think it's pretty fun. (Gfx by me)
Alexdestructions' Fielz ForSean-bn

Rebound Vibrajacking Finale

Another generic song, I tried to do some oLd StYLe stepping with this one so don't mind the inconsistencies. Scoring file. (Gfx by Gundam-Dude)
Alexdestructions' Fielz Egocidal-bn

Utmost Excellence Pack

The best I've made, collab file with Moches <3. (Gfx by Scylaax)
Alexdestructions' Fielz THEDETONATOR-bn
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PostSubject: Re: Alexdestructions' Fielz   Alexdestructions' Fielz Icon_minitimeMay 27th 2010, 9:56 pm

Well I can tell you right now I love Egocidal girl. I got finale and that was one of the 1st I played and it's like the only song I play outta that pack lol and I play it everytime I play sm. The others I haven't tried I don't think or if I did I don't remember them but I'll give em a play soon and let you know what I think Smile

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Alexdestructions' Fielz
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