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 FFR Community Pack Summer 2011 Released

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PostSubject: FFR Community Pack Summer 2011 Released   June 20th 2011, 4:24 pm

Click the banner for download link.

Introducing the new line of packs from the FFR Community Pack series. Hoping to do FFR Community Packs Fall and Winter later on in the year of 2011.

Judging for this pack was fairly lenient in order to truly be deemed a community pack project. The quality of submissions were much better than initially expected and this gathered a lot of hype and interest.

Difficulty scale used to rate the files is Notes-Per-Second (NPS). Exactly the same scale used to rate Light Chancellors Pack 3.

Thank you to everyone that helped assemble this pack, whether through submitting files, providing graphics, and simple suggestions/comments.

Mirrors are highly appreciated.

File Queue: 68
Astrosexy (Gundam-Dude) [1 chart]
Back Alley Spiders (leonid) [1 chart]
Bamhanului Fantasy (Yume) [3 charts]
Beat U Down (Yume) [2 charts]
Best Friends (Sensationer) [1 chart]
Border of Evans (Kaneh) [1 chart]
Bridgezone (plopadop) [1 chart]
Broken Rulz (Rog) [1 chart]
Caipirinha (IOSYS Remix) (BeatofIke) [1 chart]
Carol of the Bells (wc) [1 chart]
Celestial Tears (Diokatsu & Gundam-Dude) [2 charts]
Cerbera (Megamon88) [2 charts]
Chromatic Chimera (Yesssss) [1 chart]
Cirno's Hot Spring (Detrimentalist) [1 chart]
Colours of Sorrow (ca25nada) [2 charts]
Concerto Note (Niko) [1 chart]
Contain (Debit13) [2 charts]
Cosmos (Don) [1 chart]
Dance and Zeal (Kommisar) [1 chart]
Dare (SulferDragon) [1 chart]
Delinquents (Kommisar) [1 chart]
Determination (Kommisar) [1 chart]
Died This Way (Rog) [2 charts]
Dragon Rider (Ophi) [1 chart]
Enemy Storm (Dark Jungle Mix) (Yume) [2 charts]
Eternal Fantasy (ca25nada) [1 chart]
Flotage B (Scylaax) [1 chart]
FLOWER (Akemi Commander) [1 chart]
I Want You (ca25nada & Yume) [1 chart]
Infinite Cave (melon & leonid) [1 chart]
Into the Mouth of Hell We March (eastsideman09) [1 chart]
It's My Fault (Xx{Midnight}xX vs T-Forc3) [4 charts]
KNSM (Wineandbread) [6 charts]
Magus Night (Kaneh) [1 chart]
Mark's Revenge (Rog) [3 charts]
Mars (Darkcalibur & Gundam-Dude) [2 charts]
Mercilessness Desperado (Scylaax) [3 charts]
Moonchild (Oubliette) [1 chart]
Mosaic (Rebound) [1 chart]
Nai Anarchy (Scylaax) [1 chart]
Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! (0) [1 chart + 1 solo chart]
Only My Railgun (Scylaax) [2 charts]
Over My Head (Better Off Dead) (wc) [1 chart]
Piece of History (bmah) [1 chart + 1 solo chart]
Plasmatextor (Kommisar) [1 chart]
Prayer (Gundam-Dude & Detrimentalist) [4 charts]
Psyche Planet GT (IcyWorld) [1 chart]
R176 (plopadop) [2 charts]
Risky Boots Battle (Duplica) [1 chart]
Rotter Tarmination (leonid) [1 chart]
Samsara and Paramnesia (SulferDragon) [1 chart]
Sexplosion (DJ Marcin Remix) (Wyde) [1 chart]
Shoujo Satori ~ Innumerable Eyes (Niko) [1 chart]
Sirius (moches & IcyWorld) [1 chart]
Skyward (Yume) [2 charts]
Someday (Lynn) [1 chart]
Sorrows (Gundam-Dude) [2 charts]
Sphere 5 (SulferDragon) [2 charts]
Stately, Wrong (eastsideman09) [1 chart]
Stress (MarioNintendo) [3 charts]
Swear Words (Xayphon) [1 chart]
The Dark Messenger (eastsideman09) [1 chart]
The Goonies 'R' Good Enough (Sensationer) [4 charts]
Under the Glass Moon (SulferDragon) [1 chart]
Waka Laka (Rebound) [2 charts]
Wuv U (Lynn) [1 chart]
You Goddamn Fish (Shikari) [1 chart]
Zombie Sunset (leonid) [1 chart]

http://www.staiain.net/StepMania/Songpacks/FFR%20Community%20Pack%20Summer%202011.rar (Thanks Staiain)
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PostSubject: Re: FFR Community Pack Summer 2011 Released   June 27th 2011, 2:13 am


I'm sorry for annoying you ;_;
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PostSubject: Re: FFR Community Pack Summer 2011 Released   June 27th 2011, 3:11 am

Personally Stress is a good chart.

Into the Mouth Of Hell however is a shitfest
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Join date : 2010-12-18
Age : 25
Location : North

PostSubject: Re: FFR Community Pack Summer 2011 Released   June 27th 2011, 12:20 pm

Smile yes
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PostSubject: Re: FFR Community Pack Summer 2011 Released   

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FFR Community Pack Summer 2011 Released
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