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 Keysmashers mini pack

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Bob bob(Dan)
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PostSubject: Keysmashers mini pack   December 14th 2010, 4:23 pm

now a seperate back of its own cos were goin solooooooooo

1: Again, no songs longer than 5 Mins
2. Gfx are also required, but this time they have to look good lol (If anyone would like to help with gfx, that would be great)
3: Legit steps only, if you make a dump, make it beginner/edit or something, leaving heavy/oni as a legit file
4: Songs can be stepped for solo as well as single, so don't be afraid to step some 6 key
5.Again, aiming for about 20 songs in this pack
6. Send all submissions to dfsimpack1@hotmail.co.uk with your name in the song file (EG enraptured soulz(bobbob))

Files will be judged on a diff scale of 1-15 based of tps+/- general diffuculty.

ACCEPTED FILES! (* indicates no GFX)
Time to air-Kjwkjw*

Bob bob

(if this is fine with you guys?)

12/11/10 (roughly lol)
REVIEWS! (scale from 0-5, 0 being kill yaself, 3.5/4 being accepted, 5 for awesomeness)
Scrambled Eggman (T-Forc3) (2/5)
You Switch between layering too much, which is a shame, because the song is really good and could make a really fun chart. Try to add more layering (Consistant layering) as well, would make it more rounded as well. I like the idea of having a guitar and a drums chart though. Also its slightly off (0.04 seconds late) With a fair bit of fine tuning this could have two great charts for it Cool

Time to Air (With fixes) (Kjwkjw) (4/5)
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee this file is fun, only thing is its a bit repetitive but overall its fun, much better than the original time to eye, haha

Oriental inspiration AND Shinkai Soujo(6 key) (Kjwkjw) (Needs fixing)

Both these files are fine for sync and general patterns, the thing is the layering is very strange, you seem to layer sound which dont exist. There are random jumps in the streams of oriental and there are some missing drum beats/odd overlayering in Shinkai, if you can fix the layering, they will probably be accepted.

Hell Scape last escape mix AND The legend of MAX (bob bob)
My files, pass on to other judges

Beautiful Arrhythmia (iironiic) 4.5/5
Weee another fun file, really like the use of bursts and BPM changes here, also keeps a good constant diffuculty throughout the chart (no more 400 BPM aids XD) Only thing i would say is the beginning and end would be even better with holds. (maybe some scattered in the middle as well? these are not mandatory)

Animus Interqueo no1 (Marionintendo) (3/5)
First off, those 48ths at the beginning seem off, they definitely come before the 4ths, not after (think they are a 48th before) Other than that file is technically correct, (again with those 38ths during the stream as well, not sure about where they are placed mind) also a bit boring playing the same running man for about 8 measure, be better if you changed it halfway through. File has some difficulty inaccuracies as well, which seem a bit eh. FIx it up a bit and it will be accepted.

First set of reviews:


Oriental Inspiration - (3/5)
The patterns and everything work fine overall, but I find there are invisible jumps while play, like your layering seems as though you've been layering
a background noise that's hardly audible. Pretty generic, but still fun.


I even found that fun, and you full well know my distaste of solo... Anyway, layering was good, and it feel like it was quite accurate to play.
So, GJ
- HEAVY (3.5/5)
Basically the same chart as standard but with more arrows. It would have been nice to see you do something a little less expected with the steps.
For example, I remember hearing some piano in the background during softer measures of the song that would have made neat steps, but all in all,
I think this is fine.
Something for both files: There wasn't any particularly noticeable PR in the files. Admittedly, I don't really know how to step solo, but perfect PR
is something I notice while playing files and it makes me really happy when I do. Accepted either way, but just a note.

TIME TO AIR - (4.5/5)
Whee really fun speedcore file. Good layering, good replay value, overall osum chart. A couple of spots where you used that "Do you get my drift" thing
where it didn't really need to be used; it's a really cool idea stepping that, but you have to keep in mind it's much slower than the rest of the
file, so overusing it takes away from the flow of the chart.


MR. PATCH'S THEME - (2.5/5)
There were issues with layering throughout, missing arrows and stuff, but nothing too huge there. The biggest thing I noticed was that there were lots of awkward patterns that had no need to be there. Your 16th stream needs some working. Try working around your PR so that it's not all runningmen, or at least not the same runningman repeated. The other thing was the sections with the jumps and hands, you need to be careful of which hands you use. As a general rule, if you're going to use a hand after a jump, particularly in a section with all jumps and hands, the hand should contain the two arrows not contained in the jump,otherwise the pattern is really hard to play. Other than that... the song doesn't really leave much to play with, so it ends up being kind of boring to play.


Okay, main issues in this file:
-Layering is REALLY inconsistent. It seems to switch back and forth between guitar vs. drums at random locations, needs some work.
-Hold lengths, 90% of them are unnecessarily long, but that would be easier to fix if you had the layering done more appropriately.
-Guitar timing was off in several locations.
-Very inconsistent with the difficulty. There are sections where you go 8 measures with only like 20 arrows, and then you have 16th JS at 160 BPM.
Lots of fixes needed, but you know that I think this file has potential. Get workin'.


Yep I'm the strict judge. :3 So, for starters, file is empty. A lot of your bursts are timed inaccurately, there are arrows missing in places where
there should be arrows. I found the file overall kind of awkward to play, just beacause the bursts were missing arrows. I realize this was stepped for
FFR initially, so that's why there's no holds, but don't be afraid to go through it again and take artistic liberty that SM gives you over FFR.
The biggest thing, though, was the bursts. 2-3 note bursts when the sound has 7 in them doesn't play right. Other than that, file was okay. You
can do better with it.


General note for both files, hands are overused and you can PR them better.

HELL SCRAPER - (3.5/5)
Two notes to start off with: You overuse hands and your holds are too long (I mean those ones at the start where you do holds into the same
jump, the holds are too long and can be NG'd). Pet-peeve-manias. This file is pretty solid, but I don't know what
in heaven's name your putting the mines to. They seem just placed randomly just to screw with you, which is okay I guess, but I'd rather see them
placed to a sound. This file was quite fun, you just need to tone down your hand usage and fix those holds and I'd accept, even with the mines.
Keep in mind, 3sounds=/=3arrows. Also that huge section with mines was a cool idea, try making them go to the talking or the giant breathe in thing.

No offense, but kinda boring. The song doesn't leave much to be worked with, though, so it's not really your fault. Again, hands. Not really much to
say. If you look at measure 20 (and subsequent patterned measures) You dropped the two quarter notes around the blue notes, any reason? Eh, not much
else to say. It's stepped fairly well, just... not much to work with.

none as of yet

PS Apolagies for the DF legit pack, weve decided to keep this going as a seperate pack

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Simfile Author

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PostSubject: Re: Keysmashers mini pack   December 14th 2010, 4:36 pm

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Simfile Author

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PostSubject: Re: Keysmashers mini pack   December 14th 2010, 6:15 pm

Yeah, I'm in for gfx artist.
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PostSubject: Re: Keysmashers mini pack   December 14th 2010, 7:45 pm

Resent Mr. Patch's Theme.
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Simfile Author

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PostSubject: Re: Keysmashers mini pack   December 15th 2010, 6:14 am

I personally think I did a better job with Oriental Inspiration than with Time to Air but okay xD

I'll try fixing up the other two files after finals and resend.

EDIT: Also the OP would look nicer if the judges' names were in a different color from the stepartists' names... just a suggestion.

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Bob bob(Dan)
Simfile Author

Join date : 2010-05-21
Age : 23
Location : Portsmouth, UK

PostSubject: Re: Keysmashers mini pack   December 15th 2010, 1:30 pm

fixing right now then jason Smile
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Bob bob(Dan)
Simfile Author

Join date : 2010-05-21
Age : 23
Location : Portsmouth, UK

PostSubject: Re: Keysmashers mini pack   December 19th 2010, 1:09 pm

double post but attn judges-new files in the email

also posting some reviewz
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Simfile Author

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PostSubject: Re: Keysmashers mini pack   December 22nd 2010, 11:22 pm

In the Feather Fiend file I sent, the left and right arrow of (124) on m41 shouldn't be miniholds.
Could you fix that? Saves a resend.
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Bob bob(Dan)
Simfile Author

Join date : 2010-05-21
Age : 23
Location : Portsmouth, UK

PostSubject: Re: Keysmashers mini pack   January 22nd 2011, 11:29 am


Reviewing later
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PostSubject: Re: Keysmashers mini pack   

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Keysmashers mini pack
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