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 Gundam-Dude's 4key Simfiles (now with minipacks)

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PostSubject: Gundam-Dude's 4key Simfiles (now with minipacks)   November 28th 2010, 5:55 pm

Initially I was going to compile a giant megapack with pretty much all my released simfiles but I figured that it'd be a waste since I don't like a lot of my older files that I've stepped and not many people will play them. So with that in mind I decided to do a 20 file minipack series 🆒

Parts 1 and 2 are finished which include most of my notable 4key released simfiles. Part 3 is still in progress but will include pretty much every significant new file I finish. Needless to say, I've divided up the files so that the file quality increases as the parts progress (meaning download Part 2 because Part 1 barely has any of my more notable simfiles, rofl).

Once I step more 6key files, I'll probably compile all of those into a minipack as well.


Quote :
(Kommisar) Super Turkey March -Owata- //ODMix
100 Sec. Kitchen Battle!! //ODMix
Bloom Nobly, Cherry Blossoms of Sumizome //Xoon 4
BOOZEHOUND //Vibrajack 3
Candy Gossun //Xoon 3
Cirno's Perfect Math Class (8Bit Remix) //Vibrajack 2
Confidence in the Domination //Vibrajack Finale
Crystalize Silver //Xoon Finale
Dekiru Kanatte Hoshimittsu //CKMP4
Flowers //ODMix
Kokoro //ODMix
Love Coloured Master Spark //Vibrajack 2
Love Ward V2 //LCP1
Mahoro De Mambo //Xoon 5
Open Your Trillz //Vibrajack 3
Plain Asia //Xoon 3
Toki wo Kizamu Uta -Trance Arrange- //ODMix
Toradora! X Sand Canyon V2 //Xoon MAD
Tori no Uta Remix V2 //Xoon Drama 2
(WTFBrandon) But I Love U //Xoon 4

Quote :
(Kommisar) @ (Cinnamon Roll) //Xoon 4
(Kory) Fighting of the Spirit Arrange //LCP2
Hatena de Wasshoi //UEMP1
Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari //ODMix
Light Prayer //CKMP4
Like a Man //LCP2
Mess It Up //Xoon 5
Now and Forever //Xoon 4
Overslept //TG'10
Palette V2 //Vibrajack Finale
Remember //LCP2
Sketch Switch //Xoon 5
Solar Sect of Mystic wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion //UEMP1
Still Winter //LCP1
Strawberry Crisis!! //LCP2
The Dark Blowhole //Xoon 4
Tsukasa //Xoon MAD
Urban Night //LCP1
(Xiao) PINGU ZONE //Xoon MAD

*In Progress*

Quote :
(Kommisar) The Ultimate Yakiniku Restaurant! Orin's Hell Mansion! //Mystery 2
(moches) Shiroi Tsubasa (Virginal FTN-Remix) //LCP2
Automodellista =garage life= //LCP2
Captain Murasa's Ass Anchor //SCP1
Hina Choco Dark Matter //SCP2
Opaque Air //Mystery 2
Piano x Forte x Scandal //PMOE
A bunch of files that are currently in packs in progress


Below will be single download links for those looking for a specific file/song. All of them and more that I haven't bothered listing can be found at: http://www.sims.anthroaquatic.com/Gundam-Dude/ (shoutouts to Kory for the hosting)

Miscellaneous Singles
Promise by Lydian

song that leonid requested to be stepped for his birthday


St.Agehahand by everybody scream using sample guy or whatever

this was a joke. GFX are NSFW just as a warning.

GEE by Girls' Generation


St.Blazehand by cornandbeans

Old as **** dumpfile I stepped around the time I did St.Agehahand. GeT RiPPeD iN 4 WeeKS.


Xoon 3 Files
Plain Asia by Dark PHOENiX

First debut as a Xoon simfile author. Solo at the end I pooped out in like a minute so it's not accurate at all. Mostly copy+paste and is repetitive as ****.

Candy Gossun by Risk-Junk G & IOSYS

GFX by Xiao. Relatively hard and enjoyable jumpstream file. Everyone hates this because of the song mash up, lmao.


Xoon Finale Files
Crystalize Silver by Dark PHOENiX

Actually tried stepped the solo properly and it came out pretty decent. Some inconsistencies with guitar layering. Good for scoring on.


Vibrajacking Pack 2, 3, & Finale Files
Love Coloured Master Spark by Hellion Sounds

Beginner is a jacking dump. Heavy is long, boring jumpstream.

Cirno's Perfect Math Class [8Bit Remix]

Somewhat enjoyable jacking file. There are some syncing issues with this version.


Another old unreleased file. Repetitive minijacks and jumptrills.

Open Your Trillz by Red Pulse

Heavy chart is the same one in Drama Pack 2. Features a bonus Beginner chart with is a bull**** 32nd trill dump.

Confidence in the Domination by Motoi Sakuraba

Typical colour theory. Repetitive but short file. Cmod only (do not play on xmod)

Palette V2 by Yuyoyuppe feat. Megurine Luka

Restep of the first version of the file which had technical errors that I uploaded ages ago. My hardest non-dump file.


Xoon Drama Packs 1 & 2 Files
The Venerable Ancient Battlefield by Dark PHOENiX

Decent for a Dark PHOENiX file from me though not quite as good compared to the others. Inconsistencies with layering and freeze lengths.

Buizel wrote:
Oh and did i mention Gundam-Dude is my new favorite simfile artist?

just wanted to point this out.

Tori no Uta Remix V2

Boring Technical MA file. Play it on rates and it'll be entertaining.

Bloom Nobly, Cherry Blossoms of Sumizome by Dark PHOENiX

Dark PHOENiX jumpstream. The short layering break was transitioned sloppy but it adds variation and keeps it less repetitive.

Colors of Sorrow [Keyboard] by Tsukasa

Old file which is pretty much my Pad file but much more layered. TBH, my pad file is better so don't play this.


Otaku's Dream Mix Files
KOKORO by Namakonyuruko

Technically my very first ~accepted~ keyboard file in a pack. There are noises I didn't layer and the ending is overlayered with jumps. Overall, nothing notable about this other than the song itself which rules.

Toki wo Kizamu Uta -Trance Arrange- by Halozy feat. Nayuta

Generic 16th jumpstream and 32nd rolls to a trance remix of an anime opening, etc.

100 Sec. Kitchen Battle!! by Orange Lounge

Old unreleased file. Stepped this song way before Moches did for Xoon 4 but kept it unreleased because his file was better.

Super Turkey March -Owata- by Nico Nico Chorus

Collab with Kommisar. I stepped the first half while he did the second. File was too super sugoi kawaii desu for Xoon 5 so we decided to send it here.

Flowers by Terra

Colour theory. Aside from that, boring MA file I pooped out quickly that's meant for beginners to play.

Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari by Supercell

Fell in love with the song so I decided to step it. Less hand smash than Nick's file and I took a different layering approach.


Xoon 4 Files
The Dark Blowhole by Dark PHOENiX

Easily my best Dark PHOENiX file I ever stepped. Also happens to be my last track stepped from them in order to end my "Step nothing but Dark PHOENiX spree".

moches wrote:
(Gundam-Dude) The Dark Blowhole - rules, a few things that could have been fixed (hands near 900~ combo, piano chordstepping) but the rest is awesome. way to go Gundam you're gotten a lot better. 8/10

Now and Forever by StripE vs MUNETICA feat. ARISA

Stolen GFX from Exige. Pretty much a direct conversion with the addition to my own steps. Gay ending was a result of me experimenting with climax theory.

stargroup wrote:
(Gundam-Dude) Now and Forever - ffffffff I was so proud of this file until the jumpstream/roll at the end. good job fudging the song right at the end. 6/10

"@" (Cinnamon Roll) by OSTER Project feat. Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin & Megurine Luka

Collab with Kommisar. Kommi's chart (Beginner) is more layered while my chart (Heavy) is more technical/expressive. Our charts are completely different which is how collab files with two charts should really be like.

i love gabba wrote:
(Gundam-Dude vs Kommisar) @ (Cinnamon Roll) - wow fun fun fun, the two charts are so different its like two hot different world each time rawrrrrr 9.3/10, ya its that good

Amaryllis by ARM

Collab with Trance Core. Rainbow dump with gay patterns, inaccurate note usages, and drifting sync.

xferrarix; wrote:
amarillyas: wow awesome file... i really enjoyed this. this is an example of a fun colored note file 9/10

stargroup wrote:

(Trance Core vs. Gundam-Dude) Amaryllis - very cool concept, mediocre execution. liked the note colors throughout the entire file. 5.5/10

But I Love U by Big Bang

Collab with WTFBrandon. lmfao we managed to turn a Big Bang song into something rainbow. Brandon stepped most of the file while I fixed up patterns and dumped freezes.

moches wrote:
(WTFBrandon vs. Gundam-Dude) But I Love U - I Love U. sort of repetitive but fun and a good MA file with all the color notes. 7/10


Light Chancellors' Pack Files

Love Ward V2 by OSTER Project feat. Hatsune Miku

Version 2 of my Xoon 4 file. Basically got rid of the jacks and replaced a few things to make it flow better.

Still Winter by Crow's Claw

Guitar solo wah wah.

Urban Night by Electronic Boutique

Chill rainbow MA file and probably my best one in this pack. Watch out for the 2 trills. Includes 2 charts for difficulty variation.

Jimerax wrote:
Urban Night (GD) 4.25/5
nice song, steps are well done. trills are so much harder than the rest.

Puppet & Moches wrote:
Urban Night - 8


Xoon 5 Files
Mahoro de Mambo by Triomatic

Extremely wap file intended for xmod play (I don't think the stops were fixed for 3.9 however). Took a different layering approach than Nick did. Everyone hates this file, rofl.

Sketch Switch by Asumi Kana, Mizuhashi Kaori, Shintani Ryoko, Yuko Goto

More fun than Mahoro but more loli. Took a different layering approach than Nick did. Seems to be my most played file from the pack.

Rebirth wrote:

Sketch Switch - animu file. This is short enough for nothing to get boring to play. Because of that, and the fact that its pretty fun, I say 7.5/10 maybe 8/10

Moches wrote:
sketch switch- Gundam's funnest file in the pack; you're at your best with files like this and Urban Night imo. no complaints other than that the 24th rolls feel sliiightly awkward, but there's no way really to fix that. (Cool

Mess It Up by The Nauts

Probably my best file in the pack and one of the most rainbow files I've ever done.

Puppet wrote:
(Gundam-Dude) Mess It Up - 8.3

Moches wrote:
mess it up- really good like Puppet said; sometimes your rhythms cross over into polyrhythms that don't match the song too well though but I still like this. overall nice file. (7)

Stargroup wrote:
[2010-01-24 00:42:09] ok mess it up was cool
[2010-01-24 00:42:11] again, pretty basic
[2010-01-24 00:42:14] but this one I liked better
[2010-01-24 00:42:27] it had a much more solid feel to it


Utmost Excellence Mini Pack Files

Hatena de Wasshoi by Asumi Kana, Mizuhashi Kaori, Shintani Ryoko, Yuko Goto

Initially sent to OD Spring Mix but I later fixed it up and sent it here instead. Took a different layering approach than Typh00n did. A lot of hold dumping which makes this a bit dense to read.

moches wrote:
Hatena de Wasabi Ice Cream- Sketch Switch v2 pretty much. Fun file at parts but mines were abused pretty hard. Also I feel like you shouldn't have used so many freezes in this... (6)

Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion by Demetori

Another return to Touhou metal. Watch out for the 16th trills in the middle.

moches wrote:
Solar Sect of Touhou Rock- Really like this file. It's intense but fun. However, I think the idea behind your color note usage is a lot different from mine, because at parts I felt you utilized the green notes a little too much. Messy 16th freezes in those trillstreams are another small pet peeve of mine, but it's all cool. (7.5)


Xoon MAD Pack Files

Toradora! X Sand Canyon V2 by Nico Nico Douga

V1 version of this file dates back to the time I stepped Kokoro. Completely restepped and revamped this to match my current stepping standards.

Pingu Zone by Tatsh & Naoki

GFX by Xiao. Standard is a direct conversion from Xiao's solo chart which is unreleased. Heavy is more layered. Say Mok Mok~

Tsukasa by Amuro vs Killer vs Tsukasa

Features some minor ~unintentional~ colour theory. There is a difficulty inconsistency where as the first half is layered and kinda hard while the second half is underlayered and easy.


The Gathering 2010 Files

Overslept by Yamajet

Originally an accepted file in OD Spring Mix before the pack was scrapped. Technical xmod file.


CKMP4 Files

Dekiru Kanatte Hoshimittsu by Asumi Kana, Mizuhashi Kaori, Shintani Ryoko, Yuko Goto

Initially sent to OD Spring Mix but I later fixed it up and sent it here instead. Layered vocals with jumps for once since the OD judges strongly recommended it for this song in particular. Overall, I don't like this as much when compared to Sketch Switch and Hatena de Wasshoi.

No by Vim

Standard is intended for beginner-intermediate-ish players while Heavy is more layered. Was going to make an even harder chart but I got lazy. Overall, not a fan of how this turned out either.

Light Prayer by school food punishment

My only sim in this pack that I actually like. More layered than my usual stepping style but it flows well.

moches wrote:
light prayer
Grew on me the second time I played it, haha. A little generic coming from you but it's a solid file and has some pretty nice parts. 7/10


Light Chancellors Pack 2 Files
Automodellista =garage life= by Tetsuya Shibata

Easy rainbow MA file.

Torrent wrote:
Pretty fun and easy file. Felt kind of empty at some parts (notably after quad-holds), but overall a fairly replayable file. I got 1 great sightread, and now I have to play it again to get the AAA. Not in the top five, but close. I liked how you didn't step most of the percussion though. 8/10

wc wrote:
best files in the pack excluding my own
black horizon
mystic mansion
like a man
temperamento(would be higher but retarded 192nd holds with notes following is really gay)

Fighting of the Spirit Arrange Version by Masayuki Sakamoto

Collab with Kory. File was originally an abandoned WIP from me but Kory decided to pick it up and tweak/finish it. I'm not a particular fan of how this turned out.

Like a Man by Outsider

One of my stronger files in the pack probably. Features super consistent mine usage and rainbow note vocals that feel awesome to hit.

codcrille wrote:
Like A Man is amazingly fun, instant addition to my fav files.
moches wrote:
Like a Man: pretty fun. are all of those colored notes there (it still feels generally accurate though so w/e)

Remember by Lin-G feat. Miya

Took a totally different approach to stepping it than Sargon did. File is meant to be ~artsy~ and/or eXPReSSiVe.

moches wrote:
Remember: fav file from you in this pack. interesting with good flow and application of freeze/climax theory. nice work.

Shiroi Tsubasa (Virginal FTN-Remix) by OSTER Project x Fei-P feat. Hatsune Miku

Heavy is my chart while Standard is moches. Both charts contrast and bring out the song potential better than Xiao's 4key file from Xoon 4 Blue Version.

Strawberry Crisis!! by Demetori

16th generic jumpstream file of the pack and nothing more. Beginner chart is a dump, don't play it unless you're into hard files.

moches wrote:
Strawberry Crisis: it goes by a lot faster than I thought it would which makes the generic parts that much more tolerable. guitar solo owned (way better than the one in Plain Asia ) overall sort of fun file, I'd play it once in a while.


Subjectivemania Collaboration Pack Files
Captain Murasa's Ass Anchor by IOSYS

Arguably one of my best files to date. Expressive yet very fun to play.

moches wrote:

captain murasa's ass anchor - both your and leonid's file for this are great files (srsly I'm being spoiled hahaa.) but if I had to put it into an analogy, leonid : Zaghurim :: you : Puppet. i love both for equally awesome reasons.
but since we're talking about YOUR file, it's really good and makes me self-concious because it's been a long time since I've bothered to poop out a quality file :embarrassed: amazin color note theory and 16th note sections. if there's one complaint I don't understand why you'd go to all that trouble to sync all of the talking at the beginning only to make all of it mines anyway. Razz A-
d one?)

pack top 5:
captain murasa's ass anchor
gonna take you down
the sound of truth
didj pvc
cairo nairo

stargroup wrote:
Captain Murasa's Ass Anchor: GUNDAM-DUDE DETECTED WOOP WOOP Clean, fun. Colored note sections weren't crazy, thank you. Overall well constructed and served its purpose well. 6/10

Puppet wrote:

captain murasa's ass anchor - aside from the song being ridiculous this is a really great file. seems you've pretty much perfected all the **** i tried to do with that iosys song back during Mystery Pack, and when its not being twisted and creative it plays like a kommisar file. which isn't a bad thing

top 5
1. captain murasa
2. brown wind
3. razorman
4. gonna take you down
5. didj pvc

wc wrote:

ass anchor
brown wind

AlexDest wrote:
Captain Murasa's Ass Anchor (Gundam-Dude) - haven't seen a really fun file like this from you in a while gd (since xoon 4 xd), pretty much everything is expressed well, very replayable and pretty short song 10/10

Hina Choco Dark Matter by Conagusuri

File's on the repetitive side but still enjoyable and has some decent scoring elements.

Wineandbread wrote:
Hina Choco: I'm really wondering why the girl's face in the graphics bother me so much.. well aside, good ol' patsilya keeping the touhou flare alive with gay pride :')

moches wrote:
Hina Choco Dark Matter: pretty alright file. I honestly didn't know all of the singing would end up so rainbow lmao. also the mines in this are kinda annoying. otherwise pretty fun I guess, typical Gundam dood fare. B


Piano Minipack of Elegance Files
Piano x Forte x Scandal by OSTER Project feat. Yamai

Completely restepped the Xoon 4 file which was a lazy solo to singles conversion. There are many things Xiao's solo chart (which is also included in this) didn't layer which I took advantage of.

jimerax wrote:
Piano x Forte x Scandal (Gundum-Dude)
steps follow the piano pretty well, song is pretty cool too.
of course a lot better than Xoon4 one too.

a traveling nick wrote:
piano forte - good song and steps


Mystery Pack 2 Files
Opaque Air by Tetsuya Shibata

Another return to stepping an Automodellista song. Pretty underlayered but it flows and is expressive.

Rin-Dude wrote:
opaque air: gonna be trying to MA this for a while. good flow jazzy cars 7/10

moches wrote:
opaque air
really nice song, file is good but could use tweaking with some of the more expressive elements 7.5/10

The Ultimate Yakiniku Restaurant! Orin's Hell Mansion! by IOSYS

Collab with Kommisar. He stepped Heavy while I did Beginner this time around. Both charts are pretty expressive in their own way, but they're fun to play. This doesn't beat Ass Anchor though :V

Rin-Dude wrote:
yakiniku: i actually prefer beginner. 7/10

moches wrote:
orin hell mansion
Heavy: ass anchor jr. it's more insane with the mines/color notes and everything but a little less dense. pretty fun file in any case although a few of those mines at the beginning were begging to be triggered. 7/10

Beginner: I think I might like this a little better than Heavy Smile 8/10
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PostSubject: Re: Gundam-Dude's 4key Simfiles (now with minipacks)   November 29th 2010, 4:32 am

For old and/or crappy files, you can always make a separate pack to separate it from the rest. That pack might not be wholly popular, but would exist for sentimental reasons and for the curious. Think of it as a "side B" list of songs.
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Gundam-Dude's 4key Simfiles (now with minipacks)
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