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 Kommisar's Pad Mix

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PostSubject: Kommisar's Pad Mix   October 15th 2010, 10:54 am

Single Releases:

SHE - Ride [EX:10]

My first 10 in.....well two years.

Song has a nice drive to it. Steps are quite simple, no crossovers or fancy gimmicks. A few mines for ~expressivemanias~ and you have an easy 99% chart. Have an enjoy!

Kommisar Mix:

I main in keyboard 4/6 key files, but since I played ITG frequently I'd try my hand at pad files here and there. This is a compilation of my best works thus far. Since my style is more keyboard oriented, most of these files may be a little more difficult. Hope you may all enjoy the fruits of my stepman.

Link: http://www.liphian.net/kommisar/Kommisar%20Pad%20Mix.zip

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Kommisar's Pad Mix
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