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 Farewell, My Little Stepmania[Pack]

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Join date : 2010-07-06

PostSubject: Farewell, My Little Stepmania[Pack]   September 22nd 2010, 5:07 am

Makes me sad to say that this is a collection of my last files that I will probably be making with the exception of car sax which will be in lcp3.

I've had a long good run and learned the art of stepcharting. I've become part of the elite group of stepman known as the dark chancellors and made one of the greatest files known to man(ron pauls op). I'll probably finish some of my wips whenever I get the chance but I don't expect that to be any time soon. Real life has taken over leaving me little time for online play. Hell the only reason I've been posting on the forums and been on irc is because of my amazing phone. So I guess this is my retirement pack. 4 years have gone by so fast :').

Anyway onto the song list

Bagger: i had a lot of fun stepping this. it was originally suppose to have more than one difficulty but i just couldnt get around to making it. pretty fun easy file imo. very straight forward and replayable because of the 12th notes.

Beat it: its fucking micheal jackson son!! ive whored this file so much for the AAA lmao

crystal wind: pretty cool straight forward js file to a pretty cool song. it was well received on dragonsfury when it was added to the custom ffr engine there so im hoping its the same for sm.

everything went numb: i stepped ska(beat you to it puppet H4h4) anyway i prefer the easier version only because i suck at this game although both have replay value imo

last burning: super cool use of bpm changes. i love the way this file flows and plays. btw i never meant for this to be a restep. it wasnt until i finished the file that i found out that baq stepped it prior to myself Mad

lord of the dance: this is the kind of file stargroup masturbates to. innovative TO THE FUCKING MAX. not meant to be played on xmod and if you play it on xmod then lol. fun file in my opinion.

mastication numerique: another igorrr file. i think this one is just as fun as the first and definitely a lot harder. watch out for those 48th gallops~

night jam: this was for that stepfile thing on smoeu but w/e im releasing it. easier chart is funner imo while the harder chart is a technical version with jacks.

ripoff: SPEAKING OF BIG PUSSY. not really a joke file but it kinda is because of the song. i like the file even though its a bit repetitive.

star scat: one of my favourite files from this pack and maybe out of any of the files ive made.

stupid MF: very old school style steps. replayable imo

alright now that the song list is done with i'd like to thank some people that have helped me throught my stepping career and what not. moches telling me that my files sucked during ffrcp1 really pushed me to make better files so i could rub it in your face, thanks for that. id also like to thank npv for that same reason. gdude and patashu without your input from judging i wouldnt have become more aware of my obvious mistakes also thanks for liking loner so much ':]. debit13 aka debit14 aka halogen aka aj you've playtested so many of my files holy fucking shit whats wrong with you. rogdor i see you as the next me so get stepping bro Cool keep my style alive and thriving~. kommi id also like to thank you for making old skool file KEEP THE OG THANG GOING BROOOOoooooooo. last by not least id also like to thank stargroup, without him i wouldnt la campanella would just be another one of my files

i think thats it


thanks again for all of you that have downloaded this pack and thanks to everyone that has enjoyed my files. it really means alot
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Join date : 2010-07-06

PostSubject: Re: Farewell, My Little Stepmania[Pack]   September 22nd 2010, 5:08 am

i know i typo'd the gfx but its w/e
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PostSubject: Re: Farewell, My Little Stepmania[Pack]   September 22nd 2010, 5:57 am

And real life claims another stepman.
Good luck.
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Bob bob(Dan)
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PostSubject: Re: Farewell, My Little Stepmania[Pack]   September 22nd 2010, 1:27 pm

Shame its your last pack Sad

Will definately be downloaded Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Farewell, My Little Stepmania[Pack]   September 22nd 2010, 5:44 pm

Sounds pretty freaking awesome (downloading now).

So sad that this is your end Sad

Peace, stepduder.

[09:59:00] kjwkjw : "omg 24th trill --- whew it's ove-- omg rainbow stream -- whew it's ov-- omg minijacks -- whew it's ove-- omg quad -- whew the song's ove-- omg placeholder note *dies"
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Join date : 2010-07-06

PostSubject: Re: Farewell, My Little Stepmania[Pack]   September 23rd 2010, 4:42 pm

thx guys :']
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PostSubject: Re: Farewell, My Little Stepmania[Pack]   

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Farewell, My Little Stepmania[Pack]
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