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 Party 4 u

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Party 4u (Color, High Quality, No Video, On Beat) In Game or not?
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PostSubject: Party 4 u   July 11th 2010, 2:11 am

Remember all those times when you played Party 4 u and wished that the video was gone? Remember all those times you played Party 4 u and wished that the arrows were on beat and in color? Well I've got news for you, I have it, ready to go. I do believe if we get enough people, It will be put in game. I'm not doing this to piss anyone off, I'm doing this because I really do believe, a lot of people want this in game.

It's 10 times better, a lot more fun, High Quality, Colored Notes, no replay glitch, no video..... what more could you want? Ever since this game came out years ago, people just wanted the video gone. They couldn't stand it. Years progressed, and people started to want the notes to be colored. Even if a large majority of the users here say no, that's not the point. The point is, since this file was released, people have complained about the files video, blue notes, off syncness, and replay issues. Well these don't exists anymore.

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PostSubject: Re: Party 4 u   July 11th 2010, 2:13 am

totally aprove
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PostSubject: Re: Party 4 u   July 11th 2010, 2:21 am

You sent it to me I said I would take a look at it. I just found out I'm PREGNANT remember the past few days haven't revolved around FFR stuff I'm sorry if that's a problem for you. Now everyone can chill the fuck out and bear with us or we can shut shit down. Don't start petitioning for shit to go in game especially when I had already talked to you about it. Enough is enough

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PostSubject: Re: Party 4 u   

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Party 4 u
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