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 Galen's Law of Ageism

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PostSubject: Galen's Law of Ageism   July 7th 2010, 3:03 pm

First off, I'd like to point out that Galen is pretty foul-mouthed, so I ask that you try reading this article in a mature manner (which you probably would have done anyways, and the thread link in the article doesn't seem to work).




Something interesting that I saw from the law of ageism article, as well as a quote from another article:

"Age does not always bring wisdom. Sometimes age comes alone."
-- Garrison Keillor

"I maybe learned 20% more from you that i will use in life than I did in school."
-- SnipeMe member "Crimson_Might" in a conversation with Lord Galen via MSN

Why is age such a big deal in discussions and debate? Is it just an escape mechanism to prevent a person from having to explain his or her ways of thinking so no valid logical arguments can result? Why wouldn't an older person want to reveal to a younger person something he/she knows that could be useful later in life? Is life experience more important than formal education?
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PostSubject: Re: Galen's Law of Ageism   July 7th 2010, 3:18 pm

I see it as people think wisdom comes with time. The first quote disproves that. I personally hate it (I mean HATE it) when people use age as a defense or attack. It definitely shows between teens and adults. I personally believe age does not matter at all. Age only affects the health of a person (not always. I've used this argument in a debate and other arguments. It's the most brought up point, but generally) that is easy to disprove.

The people that use age just think experience only comes with time. I've seen it many a time where a person says that when they do not want to post or talk anymore or just think that the "younger" person is not smart enough to figure out or comprehend. Sounds pretty stupid to me.

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PostSubject: Re: Galen's Law of Ageism   July 7th 2010, 3:51 pm

It's just another legal way to make one's self feel superior over other human beings. Their is no logical reason why people want to disregard youth as inferior, other than to help make themselves feel more superior in life or in arguments. Just like racism or sexism...one person takes in the mindset that because of something they have that they do not, that they can say they are superior to them because of...and you better believe they try to reap as much of it as they can. Once they feel they can pretend that they are superior to another being, especially in a setting that seems generally RIGHT in mainstream society, the degrading of the other party is imminent. There are many people out there that feel they need to be top dog in society (or actually believe one thing is inferior to another due to upbringing) and will do anything they can to climb their way to the top, even if it means degrading a bunch of 9 year old children for doing nothing wrong. I honestly think this is one of the worst things, because at younger ages children are taking in everything about society...and if they keep getting told they are inferior to older person(s), this mindset will sink in quickly, and could even cause depression, or lead to suicide. It is like peer / social pressure, but since they are still developing, they believe the insults much easier.

Also reading the article about voting...I honestly feel that no one in this country should be allowed to vote without passing a test about government, and other related issues that coincide with what you would be deciding to hand over to officials like the president, or a governor. This way only the people who know that they are doing can vote...the decisions of the country are made by intelligent people, and their electors should have that same mental capacity. I don't care if they are 4 or 40...if they can't pass the test about government, they shouldn't have a say in it.

With age is supposed to come wisdom, as you tend to have more life experiences...but this doesn't disqualify youth from being intelligent, nor does this make them unequal in society. In life you tend to forget things, and have a general mindset based on what you do daily...so I would honestly believe in all around intelligence about subjects most youth would actually be MORE involved and intelligent than most adults, as their general focus is school, while the adult's focus might just be their job. Everyone is proficiently intelligent or good at different things, some more than others, but to a point where everyone has different skill levels in anything you can think of. Age isn't a factor in knowledge, it is the amount of time you spend in devotion to LEARNING about what is around you that counts. There is no reason why anyone should be degraded in intelligence because of just age, the only time intelligence should be negatively noted is when a person has NO want to learn about anything.
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PostSubject: Re: Galen's Law of Ageism   July 7th 2010, 4:37 pm

Though I disapprove ageism, it does have a value of truth.
There are loads of teenagers that have these, as they would think, revolutionary ways to improve this world, but often these ideas involve raiding the government and anarchy.
You really need to be, in my opinion, at least 18 to be certain that the brains have developed a way of thinking that's more... realistic, small scale projects that will slowly but surely make things better.

Ofcourse that doesn't mean that people under 18 years old are then intellit only makes you know more. Wisdom on the other hand has to do with life experience, trial and error, the more you've overcome your mistakes and prevent future mishaps, the wiser you get.
This obviously requires time, a long time, years to get back to it. A 50 year old that spent his life spoiled by his parents, then withdrawing to the safety of his/her luxury mansion is about as wise as a 5 year old child that stubbed his toe once in comparison to a 16 year old that had a troublesome youth and will grow up to know what to do in what circumstances. Such a person is wiser.

Conclusion: Yes, life experience comes with age, but you have to learn from mistakes in that time. A reasonable age threshold would be 18 years old.
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PostSubject: Re: Galen's Law of Ageism   

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Galen's Law of Ageism
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